Financial Leadership for Business Leaders

Rick Goldring

The greatest service any financial advisor can provide today is financial leadership – not just give you options to choose – that make you your own advisor. I take a different approach and give you insightful solutions, custom-tailored to you, your situation, business, ​and family. It’s financial leadership for business leaders.

My A-list team of support professionals provides a full range of uncommon business financial security solutions including:


Investment & Retirement Planning

Optimal Retirement Income Strategies

Group Benefits

Business Continuation and Succession

Personal and Corporate Estate and Tax Planning

Philanthropy and Legacy Strategies

I love leading entrepreneurs from the ordinary to the exceptional.

About Rick

I have been a successful financial advisor since 1979 assisting clients with their estate planning, investment approaches, retirement income strategies, and charitable endeavors. In my roles on Burlington City Council, including eight years as mayor, I gained a unique perspective in dealing with complex issues, including multi-million-dollar budgets, city, and regional expansion and development and human resource issues.

I believe that in today’s more complicated financial landscape, the greatest service any financial advisor can provide to their clients is leadership and clarity. It is my goal, to provide you with insightful solutions that are custom tailored to you, your family and your business.

My approach is to replace uncertainty with confidence and peace of mind by developing and implementing a strategic plan – a roadmap of your financial future. This will include a comprehensive estate plan for your family and the generational security you want, a retirement income plan for comfortable living, and a charitable giving plan for an impactful legacy.

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You have the advantage of my expertise, experience, connections and common sense approach that has served my clients and constituents well in the past. You will benefit from the lessons I have learned in public life with planners and professionals. You will get the clarity and confidence you expect and deserve with your business interests, personal wealth, family security and charitable endeavors.

Your financial leadership process starts with a complimentary insurance and investment portfolio review, and if my approach is a fit for one or more of your needs, I would be pleased to start the journey with you on the road to a financial piece of mind.

“I love leading entrepreneurs from the ordinary to the exceptional. I look forward to helping you be exceptional.”

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